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Hello and welcome!

I'm Stacey, founder and designer of Mermaidcat. I've been designing crochet patterns since 2015. I love seeing crocheters like you bring my designs to life around the world (99 countries and counting!). My fiance Johnny and I are so grateful to be running Mermaidcat together and seeing your success. Please share your creations with #mermaidcatdesigns

Happy hooking!

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The Story of Mermaidcat

It all started in a travel trailer in the midst of a forest in the Ozark Mountains.

Johnny (my fiance) and I were trying to start a farm in the middle of nowhere. With our personal savings dwindling, we explored how to start a business that could work remotely.

At the time, digital products weren't very common. Many people suggested I focus on physical crochet items, and didn't seem to fully understand the idea of a digital product.

How the world has changed since 2015!

We started with $50 of yarn and a crochet hook.

I'll never forget our first sale. Johnny was under the stars soaking in a hillbilly wood-burning bathtub we rigged up.

I was refreshing the stats and was ecstatic to see that our first customer, Rolanda, had ordered our first and only pattern for sale.

It was the most exciting $5 we've ever made! Johnny and I were hooting and hollering under the moon.

Since that day, it's been a joy to connect with crocheters around the world. It's so fun to see our customers be successful and loving their creations.

Some of our customers have even sold their finished Mermaidcat pieces for hundreds of dollars!

Thank you so much for being here and we hope you find something that inspires you.

Best wishes,
Stacey and Johnny